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Class Times

 Saturdays Check In 7 A.M. Class 8 A.M. to 12 Noon - Year Round

Thursday Evenings 4:00 to 8:00 P.M. - Begin May 27th - Pre Register Now


Covid - 19 Rules

Bi-State Classroom and Driving Programs are following the CDC guidelines and additional safety protocols. Since the CDC has put protocols in place we have not only made sure that our classroom students are pre-screened when they come to classes, we not only following sanitizing ideas set up by the CDC. We are taking temperature's before a student enter class, we have each student use hand sanitizer and wear a mask. If students do not have a mask we will provide a mask for you, we also ask any students sick to not come to class and reschedule. We also clean our classroom, office, chairs, books, paper and even pencils before every class.

When students are in a Bi-State vehicle with one of our instructor's we have cleaned our surfaces in the car with sanitizer and follow the same principles we do in class. The student will have a temperature test, along with hand sanitizer and both the student and instructor wear a mask.

We want to make sure our students and families feel safe and due to the seriousness of the Virus and Flu season, along with Winter conditions may have to cancel or reschedule in our attempt to keep everyone safe.

Please be patient while we all work through this stressful time and understand we are trying to protect everyone involved and are doing our best to make sure we get students finished as quickly but safely as possible.

Since no one can pinpoint exactly when someone is exposed to the Virus - some people may not been tested or are asymptomatic. They may show no signs of sickness, and no one cannot control the weather and are issues beyond our control. While following what is recommended by the CDC,  Bi- State cannot be held responsible for these uncontrollably issues and will do our best to keep our customers happy. Thank You, Bi State

Kansas State Certified Program

Bi-State Driving school State Certified Program includes 2/4 hour classroom sessions and 3/2 hour driving lessons. The program includes a temporary permit once the student passes their permit test, permits are not necessary to start the program. Students will go over

Missouri Full Program

Missouri residents -  Missouri residents are required per State laws may take the same program but the following changes are required.


Missouri's full program requires students to be at least 16 years of age with a valid permit before they can register for the classroom portion of the program.

Missouri State laws mandates residents from Missouri take their written and driving test

at the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Missouri residents are required to meet at our Overland Park, KS office for both the classroom and driving portions of the program.

register for driving school

Students paying with Debit or Credit cards require payments must be paid over the phone or in our office the day of class.

Cash paying students are required to come to our office and preregister to hold a seat.

Classroom Registration

Students that have preregistered for the class please make sure to bring your required document to class.

Please see the list of materials below.

10 Winter Safety Tips

Guaranteed seat/seats for classroom or individual behind the wheel lesson/lessons require payment at the time that you register or book your experience.

 Drive Times M-F 7 A.M. until 8 P.M.  Saturdays 7 A.M.

We are now using a new program to make it easier for our students to get the driving portion of the program done faster and no mistakes.

The students, parent or guardian will now call our office, and we will enter them into our system, and the system generates both an email and text message that will convey to the student and our instructor when the lesson is. Plus the day of the teaching it also regenerates a text message to remind the student of the appointment. We think this should help avoid confusion as to when the student is to have their lesson and the time.

Sometimes in our busy lives, we forget things, and we are hoping this will be a benefit to our students and families. We

have added this to avoid additional cost if students or their parent will give us 24 hours prior notice. Bi-State finds this also

helps our staff,  so they do not go to students homes, and we can help other students get through the program faster.

Per NEW Kansas state Laws if a student wants to join a driving school and has taken their permit test at the Department of Motor Vehicles can only take the permit test 3 times to be able to join a drivers education school.

Click picture below to see winter tips from Fleet Corp for tips.

What will I need to bring to class

Students are required by law to take an eye test as part of the full program if a student wears contacts or glasses you are required to bring them to your first class so you can pass your eye test. 

Students that already have a driving permit that is current or expired will need to bring it at the time of registration. Bi-State is required to enter your K number so that the student will keep the same number for your future driver's license.

Students 14 to 16 years old looking to obtain your restricted license are required to have a plastic permit for one full year.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is the only one who can issue a plastic permit.


Students who have never has a permit will be required to take their permit test with Bi-State or the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Students are not required to have a permit to join our State Certified Full Program; they must have a valid permit for any drivers training.

According to Kansas State law, students that would like to join class will be required to have one of the following documents.

Students will need to bring one of the following proofs of ID - a birth certificate, passport, I-94 or green card.

Kansas and Missouri both have laws against texting and driving.

Motor distractions cause more deaths than drunk drivers. So please buckle up and don't text while driving.

No Texting while Driving


Bi-State Driving School Inc. 8600 W 95th Street, Suite #1001  Overland Park, Kansas 66212

Phone: Kansas or Missouri (913) 648-3452 or (913) 649-2740    Email: info@bistatedrivingschool.com


   Bi-State Driving School 8600 N 95th St. Suite #1001 Overland Park, KS. 66212  (913) 648-3452  info@bistatedrivingschool.com