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Class Times

No Permits or Deposit Required - Please Pre-Register

Registration - Saturday 7:15 A.M. Classes begin at 8 to Noon Year- Round

Thursday evening classes are beginning soon, please call us and when we have 14 students we will open a class. Call to reserve your place now!

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Covid - 19 Rules

                                The CDC, state, local governments, and vaccine shots have allowed Covid protocol's to be lifted!

Please be patient as we work to keep our instructors, students, parents and staff safe, we still pre-screen students, and require temperature checks, masks, to be worn since everyone is in small contained areas. We still clean our office, classroom, cars and all learning materials.

Bi- State cannot be held responsible for uncontrollably issues or control when a person has been exposed to Covid.

                                                       Thank You, Bi State

Kansas State Certified Program

     Bi-State Driving school State Certified Program

  • 2/4 hour classroom sessions and 3/2 hour driving lessons.

  • Temporary permit issued once the student passes their permit test.

  • Permits are not necessary to start the program.

  • Kansas requires driving schools to do a permit test.

  • Student's schedule 3/2 hour driving lessons.

  • Driving test during your final lesson.

  • Student passes both classroom/driving portions of the program receive a certificate of completion.

  • Students then take the certificate of completion and personal information to the Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain your age appropriate license.

Missouri Full Program

Missouri Full Program requirements for Kansas Program


  • Students must be 16 years old and have a valid permit.

  • Required to take their written and driving test at the Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • Required to meet at our Overland Park, KS office for both classroom/driving portions of the program.

  •  2/4 - hour classroom & 3/2 hour driving lessons

Students that are wanting to take the full program but have failed the permit test 4 times. Students must wait 6 months per Kansas State law, before they may join a school or test again at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

What will I need to bring to class

Students are required by law to take an eye test as part of the full program, if a student wears contacts or glasses you are required to bring them to your first class so we can obtain your eye test. 

Students with a driving permit  - current or expired - must bring it at the time of registration. Bi-State enters your K number into the Department of Motor Vehicles,  and help students avoid issues at the DMV. 

Students 14 to 16 years of age looking to obtain your restricted license - are required to have a plastic permit for one full year.


Students who have never had a permit will be required to take their permit test - Students make take their permit test with a State certified schools or the Department of Motor Vehicles. If a student takes the full program and a resident of Kansas, may take their permit test with the school, and receive a temporary paper permit once they have passed. They are still required to have it changed at the DMV if 14 - 16 years of age. This is the date their 1 full year begins.

Students are not required to have a permit to join our State Certified Full Program; they must have a valid permit to drive any motor vehicle.

According to Kansas State law, students that would like to join class will be required to have one of the following documents.

Students will need to bring one of the following proofs of ID - a birth certificate, passport, I-94 or green card.

Individual behind the wheel lesson/lessons require full payment, students must have a valid permit/license to operate any motor vehicle.

Students taking the Full Program - must have a valid permit or temporary paper permit issued by Bi State before we allow students to drive. All students must be paid in full before any portion of our driving programs will be scheduled.

 Drive Times M-F 7 am - 8 pm Saturdays/Sunday - Call Hours Vary with Instructor

Students needing to schedule the driving portions of the Program, will call our scheduler. Bi State will enter your lesson/lessons into our scheduling system, this generates the student both an email and a text message. The system send's the students information to the student and our instructor with the dates and times of each lesson. It will also regenerate a text message to remind the student of their appointment. This help's avoid confusion about the scheduled lesson, and avoids additional cost for a missed appointment. Lessons can be changed/cancelled, if you call the office/scheduler and instructor 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson. We work to get students through as quickly as possible, do to Covid mandated closings for 2 1/2 months during the lockdown, this has put all schools behind and are working to catch up previous students. We work to always be fair and take students in the order they came through the school. We are up front and open when people join any of our programs, students can begin the classroom portions and obtain their permit, the driving will be scheduled in the order they began the program.

No Texting while Driving

Kansas and Missouri both have laws against texting and driving.

Motor distractions cause more deaths than drunk drivers. So please buckle up and don't text while driving.

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Bi-State Driving School Inc. 8600 W 95th St, Suite #1001 Overland Park, Kansas 66212

Phone: Kansas or Missouri (913) 648-3452 or (913) 649-2740   


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