Interpreter Info

Students looking for help getting a drivers license are allowed by the state of Kansas to bring an Interpreter to both their classroom and driving portions of our Kansas State Certified Driving Program.

Students are required to bring their Interpreter that must be 18 years old and must have a valid ID for a student to be able to use that Interpreter. Bi-State does not provide Interpreters for any portion of the program and are the students responsibility.

Students are required to provide their Interpreter for both the classroom and driving portions of the program. The Interpreter's job is to listen and to give instruction's for both the classroom and driving parts of the program and let the instructor know what they say to the student . The Interpreters job is only to explain and never give advice or answers to a student during classroom or driving because this is considered cheating. The testing classroom portion and could be hazardous in-car training.

If the Interpreter or student do not listen or violate the rules of either portion of the program, they will be dismissed from the program and will receive NO REFUND. In some cases depending on the severity the state may be contacted and possible charges brought against both parties.

Students that cannot read, write and understand English are required to bring their Interpreter to help translate the information to the student. . We do not provide Interpreters and are the responsibility of the student. Interpreters cannot give or answer the questions for any testing for the student. If they offer one answers to the examination, they receive one warning, and then the student will be expelled, and no refund issued.

We do not provide Interpreters and are the responsibility of the student. Since we are offering an extra seat free of charge, students are required to pay in full, and their paperwork filled out before class.

The Interpreter is also required to provide us with a valid ID and phone number.

Students and Interpreters must follow the directions of Instructors all the time. If anyone cheats or is disruptive, offers an Instructor a bribe they will be dropped from the program and the state will be notified.

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