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We may help you obtain a copy of the temporary permit or certificate of completion from our course if misplaced, lost or stolen.

We charge a $10.00 fee to replace a lost permit. 

A $30.00 fee for your replacement certificate of completion because we have to go back through records. Depending on when you completed the course, some paperwork may take up to 10 days to process.

We will always try and provide the best service possible to all our students. We will always do what is compliant with both State Laws and school regulations for education and training. Bi-State includes breaks or requirements under all laws. If you have dropped our program for any reason - we will not issue a refund.


Bi-State requires our Full Program is to be completed within six months from your start date. We also tell our students in class and take the parent phone numbers as our contact to avoid any possible issues with minors.

We are not responsible for delays related to weather, mechanical car issues, and lack of experience/practice by students. Students must prove to be proficient drivers to pass the course.

Students cannot just buy a license and must complete and pass both portions of the program to receive their Certificate of Completion to obtain their driver's license.

Students who do not complete the program will not be given a Certificate of Completion to obtain a license just like the Department of Motor Vehicles. Like other schools, you still must participate and pass the full program.

Students must Practice there is no way a student will learn to drive in 6 hours. The State requires students to have 50 hours of drive time and 10 hours must be nighttime driving. SO PLEASE REMEMBER TO PRACTICE because we cannot guarantee any student  will pass and Bi-State follows the same rules of the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Bi-State is a school, and like other schools, students have homework and practicing to drive is no different - this is to aid you in becoming a good and safe driver.

We also do not guarantee highway driving because it is not required to pass your drivers test at the Department of Motor Vehicles - we are a safety first driving school, and our priority is everyone's safety.

We believe that students should be able to do correct lane changes, maintain right speed, look over their shoulder when changing lanes and follow what is required to be safe and to meet the same requirements to be able to pass at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Students that cancel a scheduled lesson must understand that we do to the large volume of students in Summer and wish to plan a replacement lesson will be behind new students. We are constantly adding students each week and book students in the order they come to class. We attempt to call every student and make a record of when we called, left a message, even when the numbers Bi-State received do not work.

Students that attend a classroom session and cannot come to the following class must let us know in advance to hold a seat for the course they are going to visit, this helps us to make sure that we have enough room for the student and don't overbook. Students that joined on a Saturday and cannot come the following Saturday will be required to go to a Thursday night class unless Bi-StatemManagment or Supervisor have previosly approve it.

Cancellations Policy

NO CALLS OR NO SHOWS FOR DRIVING TIMES - Cancelled lessons require 24-hour notice before your scheduled driving lesson. 

Students must also call both the office and their instructor and either speak to or leave a message stating when your lesson is, what your instructor name is and why you are cancelling the driving lesson.

Failure to call both the office and instructor will be considered a no call no show, and if you do not call before the 24 hours before to your lesson you are considered a no call or no show for that scheduled driving appointment and forfeit that lesson.

Non cancelled lessons require an additional lesson to meet the state mandate of 6 driving hours to complete the program and receive your certificate of completion.

Kansas and Missouri students all follow the same policy and no refunds will be issued.

Our policy is to pay an instructor to come to you along with their time, gas and our expenses, even if you don't show up or cancel. 

We do not want to have to charge any additional fees and do our best to make our prices as reasonable as possible for our students.

So please call us and cancel if you can't make an appointment with 24 hours’ notice so another student may have that drive spot.

We serve a large volume of students that are waiting to be able to drive.

We take our students in the order they came to class and like to be as fair as possible.

You will also be moved back farther and allow others to be moved up, so please be fair and courteous to other students, by just calling and canceling before to your lesson.

If you call and give us the 24 hours’ notice there will be no additional fees required.

Students that have scheduled times but keep changing or canceling lessons over and over an additional charge will be applied.

We know people have busy schedules but do our best to get students through as soon as possible, our desire is to provide the best service we can.

                               Thank you for your Help and choosing Bi-State Driving School.

Returned Payments - If we receive any returned payments you will be charged for the recovered amount from the bank or institution and $30.00 processing fee will be added to the amount you paid. 

The student will not receive your completed form or certificate - until Bi-State has received full payment.

INTERPRETERS AND STUDENTS CONDUCT - All students and Interpreters must listen and obey the instructions of the Instructor at all times - this is for everyone's safety.

If students or Interpreters don't listen or argue with the instructor, the student will be returned home and that lesson will terminated.

You will not be rescheduled to drive until you bring a different Interpreter. You will not only lose the lesson, but to make it up - you will be required to pay for a new lesson. 

If anyone is caught bribing, begging or cheating the student dropped from the program and the State notified.

Interpreters must be at least 16 years old and be able to speak and understand the directions in English and relay to the student in their language.

You cannot bring animals, children, or other passengers that are not needed.

Parents of a student or Interpreters only.

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