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Missouri Full Program

Missouri students wanting to take the full program! Requirements: 16, valid permit, classroom and driving portions are required to meet at our office in Overland Park, KS.

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Missouri Driving Lessons

Missouri private lessons require students to  be 16 years of age with a valid permit.

We offer lessons in 2-hour lessons are with a Kansas with a certified driving instructor.

Student's may purchase as many 2 hour lessons needed to prepare them for their Missouri driving test. Missouri requires students to test at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Missouri and we can no longer use Bi-State cars to test in because of insurance purposes.


Permits are required per Missouri state law, the student must their valid permit when driving. Students without a valid permit or no permit when the instructor arrives, the lesson will be cancelled. This will be considered the same as a No Call No Show. The lesson is forfeited and the student will need to purchase a new lesson.


All 2 hour and makeup lessons require payment prior to booking. Students must have a valid permit before the student is allowed to drive per State Laws in both Missouri and Kansas.

Missouri Program

                                    Missouri Full Program Requirements

  • Students must meet at our office in Overland Park, KS. - both the classroom and driving portions of the program. 

  • The program consist of 2/4 hour classroom sessions and 3/2 hour behind the wheel lessons. 

  • Missouri requires students to take their Permit and Driving test at a Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • Valid Permit

  • 16 Age 

The Bi-State Method of driver training is your assurance that you will receive the most excellent professional instructions available anywhere at any price. We employ full time, highly trained instructors, male and female, and dedicated to teaching Defensive Driving. You will take only the number of lessons you actually need.





 (For example)
I. Aim high in steering
II. Get the big picture
III. Keep your eyes moving
IV. Leave yourself an out
V. Make sure they see you

A) We teach the proper searching and scanning to recognize a hazard soon

    enough and what to do about it.
B) Proper timing on gas and brake pedal
C) Proper speed control
D) How to change lanes with precision accuracy
E) Merging with traffic, parallel park, everything you need to know before you can pass your driver’s license test.

     Over 40,000 people fail their driving test every year, call us for help (913) 648-3452. (913) 649-0525, (913) 649-2740.

The institute of Driver Behavior reports that "four out of five drivers demonstrate by their action in traffic that they fail to recognize a traffic hazard SOON ENOUGH TO PREVENT IT."

Correct seeing habits, adequately developed, leaves less chance of traffic mishaps.

FEW drivers can build correct seeing habits by instinct alone, without professional instruction.


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