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Driving Tips &

Helpful Info

These are just a few pointers and tips that might help you


with questions or things you might want to know.


Just starting out or a seasoned driver.



    Texting while Driving

State Laws prohibit the use of text

ing while driving. Texting while driving causes more deaths per year, than drunk drivers

      Avoiding Accidents

Texting while driving

Driving under the Influence



Falling asleep while driving



    Are you a Safe Driver

Do you question your driving skills or just need help. Here are a few tips or sign up and let us teach you the things that can make you a safe driver.


     Getting Your License

Let us help you get your license, prepare for your test. Written or Driving test. Have anxiety - we can help. Getting your license is an exciting time and we would like to help you with that.


    Driving in bad weather

Learning to drive in bad weather and difficulties is a must in Kansas

and Missouri. The weather can change in a moment notice.


     Gaining experience

Don't let age,experience or even fear, keep you from learning to drive. We can help with all your needs.



Parking, Parallel Parking, Parking Lots and Garages. Parking on a Hill.

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