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Call (913) 648-3452 to Register
Bi-State is a year round school serving the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area including both Kansas and Missouri residents

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Registered Students - Bring the following

Kansas and Missouri require you to bring one of the following documents - Birth Certificate, Visa, Passport, I -94, Green Card or ask office staff about other possible allowed documents.

We cannot allow students to finish the program without one of the above documents.

Eye test required - if you require contacts or glasses please bring or wear them to class. 


Please be on time!!!

Missouri students are required to be 16 yrs old and have a valid permit.

Kansas or Missouri students with a permit are required to bring them at registration, we are required to have a copy to keep on file! This avoids Department of Motor Vehicle issues.


Cash - Charge - Debit or Credit Card

Master Card , Visa ,  Discover, American Express


Please Note - that any returned form of payment for non sufficient funds - will be charged $30 for fees.

Credit Card
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