Permits - Driving Portion
driver education

Driving permits are required by law for both Kansas and Missouri - before any student may

legally participate in either driving portion of our programs.


Students that are residents of Kansas are not required to have a permit before joining our

classroom portion of the Bi-State Certified Full Program.

Kansas residents taking the Kansas State Certified Full Program are not required to take their permit test at the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Students may obtain a temporary permit from Bi State driving school as part of the full program once they have passed their classroom portion of the program.

Student's receive a valid permit that is good for seven months from the start date or until you completed and passed the full course. 


Students 14 - 16 must have this changed to plastic for it to count toward the 1 full year requirement, unless they already have a plastic permit.

Kansas residents who are taking the Bi-State Certified Full Program all your testing is done with Bi-State driving school and not at the Department of Vehicles.

Students taking individual lessons are still required to take both your permit and driving test at the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Missouri residents acquiring about our full program may take take the program but per State Law are required to take their permit and driving test at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Missouri students taking the full program or driving lessons must be 16 years old and have a valid permit before we can sign you up for the full program or an individual driving.

Missouri residents taking the full program are required to by state law to meet for both classroom and driving at our Overland Park, KS office.


Missouri residents taking just individual lessons may still be picked up and dropped off at your residence and are not subject to this law since there is no classroom involved.


Kansas and Missouri residents are required to use our cars that are equipped with secondary brakes and covered by our insurance during any of our driving lessons.

We expect students to practice before and in between lessons because practicing will make any student a stronger and more confident driver.


Kansas requires 50 logged hours and 10 of those at night to meet the requirements for 14 - 16 year old teen students working to obtain their restricted license.

Kansas and Missouri both have a required number of logged hours of drive times for teens to be able receive their license.