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Are You A Safe Driver


Small habits make a huge difference. Look over this checklist (recommended by the State of Kansas DMV) and ask yourself if you really do all of these things.  If you don’t, make a conscious effort to begin doing them.



When starting your car, do you:


  • Put on your seat belt and make sure others are buckled?

  • Make sure your mirrors and seat are adjusted properly?

  • Know where all the controls are located?







When moving forward, do you:


  • Turn on your signal?

  • Check your mirrors and look over your shoulder before pulling into traffic?

  • Use both hands on opposite sides of the steering wheel?










When stopping, do you:

  • Check traffic all around?

  • Stop behind crosswalks and limit lines?

  • Stop without keeping your foot on the gas?

When turning, do you:

  • Slow down?

  • Yield right of way when necessary?

  • Begin and end turns in the correct lane?

  • Accept legal right of way when safe?

  • See and react appropriately to hazards?

When changing lanes, do you:

  • Signal and check your mirror?

  • Check over your shoulder to see your blind spot?

  • Change lanes safely?

  • Maintain your speed?









When driving on the freeway, do you:

  • Check the traffic flow?

  • Time your entry onto the freeway?

  • Check your mirrors and over your shoulder before merging into traffic?

  • Signal early and slow on the exit ramp?

  • Adjust your speed to the current road conditions?







When it comes to defensive driving, do you:

  • Keep a lookout all around, including way up ahead?

  • Check your mirrors before braking?

  • Follow at a safe distance?

  • Check cross streets before passing?

  • Check for signal lights and hand signs?

  • Keep a “space cushion” around your car?

Stop Light
Side Mirror
Rear View Mirror
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