Certified Programs - Classroom - In Car Instruction

We offer several types of programs and can customize them to fit your needs as long as they will comply with Federal and the state laws of Kansas or Missouri.

We can help students from Kansas or Missouri with any of our Programs

full program, individual lesson/lessons, court required classes, and even if you need to have an Interpreter.

Full Program

The State Certified Full Program consist of 8 hours of classroom instruction from a Certified State instructor where the student will be taking their permit test during the first of two classroom sessions. Once the student passes their permit test, they will receive a temporary permit to use during their behind the wheel portion of the program. When the student has completed and passed the 8 hours of classroom our scheduler will call them after one week to set up their driving portion of the program. Students that have set up their scheduled driving lesson with dates and times of their experiences with a certified driving instructor will come to your home to pick you up for your lesson and will drop you back off once the lesson is completed. Students are required to be given a driving test during the last 20 minutes of your third lesson. Over the information they received , and the student is expected to pass the same requirements the Department of Motor Vehicles requires for the student to obtain a certificate of completion. That they will take to the Department of Motor Vehicles along with their personal information and will be given their license, and no other testing will be required.

Kansas residents that complete and pass the full program will not be required to take your test at the Department of Motor Vehicles because all your testing is with Bi-State Driving School.

Missouri residents are still required to take their test at the Department of Motor Vehicles per Missouri state laws. You will all be required to meet at our Overland Park, Kansas School for both your classroom and driving portions of the full program per State Laws.

Individual Driving Lessons

Individual lessons are purchased in 2 hour long in-car training sessions with one of our State Certified Driving Instructors where the student receives one on one training to teach them depending on their own levels of experience what they will need to pass their own driver's license testing at the Department of Motor Vehicles. The lesson will depend on what our instructor feels the student is ready for and what level of driving experience and safety the student shows while driving with our instructor. We do these lessons in 2 hour lessons for the students convenience without a contract so that the student may purchase as many or few as they possibly need to accomplish their needs. Students like all driving lessons will be required to practice, and this is no guarantee that a student will pass their test.


We can also use these lessons to evaluate where drivers are if they already have a license or want practice on certain portions in areas they struggle in, but please remember this will be up to their instructor for the safety of everyone. If students purchase 3 or more lessons we can give them a certificate to give to their insurance company that many may receive a discount - please check with your insurance provider to see if this qualifies with them for you to receive a discount on your policy.

Driving lessons may be purchased in 2 hour in car training sessions where you can choose one course or as many as you wish and each lessons is another 2 hour fee.


Please call for prices - our price depends on which of our programs or how many individual lessons you choose to purchase. We take pride in wanting to talk to our customers and find ways to fit your needs without selling you more than you need to accomplish getting your license . We desire to offer everyone a chance to learn how to drive and strive to teach students to be safe and courteous drivers. We do get busy with calls, scheduling driving or helping other customers. Please leave an email or a voice message with your name, phone number and a message of how we may help you, and we will get back you. Please remember to speak slowly and clearly so we can get your correct information to contact you back as soon as we can. Thanks for you patience!

Court Ordered Violations DUI Classes

Students that have court ordered violations or DUI's that require them to attend a defensive driving mandated toward meeting their requirements of the state. We offer classes for those needs, but you will be required to contact the court or State along with a letter they issue you to confirm what exactly they are expecting you to make sure it will meet your exact violation.

DUI students that are required to take their permit and driving test to reinstate your driver's license per the State handbook must take those at the Department of Motor Vehicles and No school can provide what the state requires.