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Kansas State Certified Program
Kansas State Sign

  • Bi-State's Kansas State Certified drivers education program.

  • Students will begin with 2/4-hour classroom sessions 

  • Kansas residents will receive a temporary permit to use during the program once they pass the permit test

  • Students will be allowed to take the permit test up to 4 times 

  • Students with an existing permit are required per the State to take a permit test as part of the curriculum.

  • Permit's are not required prior to joining the program.

  • Student's then receive 3/2-hour driving lessons.

  • During the last 20 minutes of their third lesson, students will test over what the student has learned during all three driving lessons.

  • Students are required to pass both the classroom and driving portions of the program to receive their certificate of completion.

  • Students take the certificate of completion and personal information to the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain their license.

  • Please remember that the state now only allows seven months from start to finish or your permit expires, and students are required to complete the full program again.

Kansas handbook click on the Kansas photo.

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