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                                 Frequently Asked Questions


There are a lot of companies or schools out there that offer driver's education. Why should I or we choose Bi State Driving School in Kansas and Missouri?


Bi-State driving school is a licensed Professional Driver Training School through the Kansas and Missouri Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV.) In addition, all of our instructors are licensed professional driving instructors and educators. As such, you will receive the highest-quality driver's education training program in the State of Kansas and Missouri. In other words, you'll be getting the best instruction for your money.


Q. How long do I have to complete the full program?


A. You have 6 months from the date you start the class.


Q: What are the benefits of attending a professional driver training school?


A: For starters, you'll receive hours of classroom (full program) and in-car training that will aid you in your efforts in preparation for the driver's license examination. Additionally, you'll also be better equipped to operate a motor vehicle on today's roads. And, as you already know, the more training, practice, and preparation that you receive and obtain in anything, the better and more proficient you will become at that skill. Driving is no different.  If you are a customer of an insurance provider that offers such a benefit or program, you will receive an insurance discount for attending our professional driver training school.


Q: How much does your program cost?


A: Actually, we offer multiple programs to meet your needs and skill level. We do describe these programs on the “Programs” page of this website. However, if you have any questions or if you are seeking an alternative training option or package, please don't hesitate to call us at (913) 648-3452 for more information. New additional program is coming soon.


Q: Do you teach behind the wheel every day 7:30 A.M. to 6:00 - 8:00 P.M Monday - Friday? Some Instructors on Saturday from 8:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M.


A: Yes.  You will contact us and if the date and time are mutually available, some restrictions may apply - if you took the full program - if you are wanting just private lessons contact us. (913) 648-3452.

(Closed Sundays)


Q: After the student completes the course, will they be required to take a driving test at the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV)?


A: No - if you take the full state of Kansas Certified program and can pass - they just take the certificate of completion to the DMV.

A: Yes – Missouri  students are required by State Law to take both there written permit and driving test at the DMV.


Q: How many students will be in the car at one time?


A: We do in 2 hour long sessions with one student in the car. There may be instances when a student is finishing up a lesson and will stop by to pick up, or drop off another student.


Q: What is the minimum time per lesson for hourly lessons?


A: When the student schedules a separate drive session with an instructor there is a two hour in car instruction. We do allow bathroom breaks, instruction, etc. This allows both the student to stay focused. We will allow for Emergency phone calls only if we  the car is parked safely off the road and the vehicle is turned off.


Q: Can we ride along to observe?


A: Yes. Parents, or an Interpreter are more than welcome to ride along and observe our teaching methods and the students' progress. If one of them comes along and they may ask a few questions if it does not distract the driver or instructor. We cannot have anyone that will argue or cause disruptions - while the student is in a lessons. They will be taken back home and the student forfeits the lessons and will have to pay for another one - with no refunds. this is for everyone's safety. We cannot have someone in the car unless they are needed - for insurance purposes.


Q: How do students in Kansas and Missouri schedule driving lessons? Kansas residents do not have to have a permit to go through classroom,but are required before any driving can be set up. Missouri students must have a permit and be 16 years old, per State Law for both classroom and driving.


A You will call us at the office and we will set up their lessons. When scheduler is contacted they will arrange lessons as soon as the student has a drivers permit or have completed their classroom sessions. We do this as soon as we can. Sometimes we may have large classrooms of students and try to take them in the order, that they have finished the classroom portion.


Q: What if we want more lessons?


A: You can arrange hourly lessons in 2 hour blocks - as many or few as are needed or chosen by you.


Q: Do you offer a certificate we can submit to our insurance carrier for a discounted premium?


A: Yes, upon successful completion of the full program or if you completed at least 4 hours or individual driving lessons. Students will then be given a certificate of completion for you to submit to your insurance provider. We encourage you to talk to your insurance agent for details to see if your insurance gives discounts for attending a driving school. ( We suggest you speak with your insurance company to see if they give a discount.)


How do I get started? Either email us or call us (913) 648-3452


Q: What is the cost of the program?


A: Different programs are purchased at different prices.depending on the program you are interested in – those prices will depend on if you take our full program or how many individual driving hours that you purchase. Please contact us at (913) 648-3452, this will allow us to help find the best program for your needs. We also do classroom for those that received a ticket and per the court are required to take a class.


Q: When can my child start driving?


A: In the state of Kansas a student with a permit at the age of 14 and in the state of Missouri 16. (See under Teens Programs)

Remember Kansas student that you must have your permit for one full year, before you can get a restricted license at the age of 15 - to drive to and from school,work or home. Missouri student must have a permit for 6 month, before than can have a license at 16. Missouri students must be 16 years old and have a valid permit for us to provide either program.


Q: How long does the course take?


A: For the Driver Education program, it typically depends on the student and availability for driving, as well as everyone learns and progresses at different paces. It could certainly be longer, especially if the students is unable to get good practice time between our driving sessions. We will teach your student - we suggest that you practice with them and not pay us just to practice. Use us to teach them what they need to learn, work on or correct and then practice. This saves you money and per both State Laws - teens must have at least 25 hours, to just get a restricted license. Full license is 50 in Kansas and 40 hours in Missouri. Let us teach them to be safe and good drivers. Parallel Parking is not required to pass your test - except in Missouri. We can teach this, but the main thing is for us to help you be able to pass your test or what the state requires to pass it, if you took your own test.


Q: Will my child drive with other students or individually?


A: All of our driving is one-on-one.  A parent, guardian or interpreter is welcome to ride along as a back-seat observer anytime. The

only time they would have an additional student - is at the end of their lesson, we might pick up the next student for their lesson. We cannot have others or children (not students) in the car - because of insurance purposes.


Q: How many hours of class time and driving time does my child have to have?


A: For the Driver Education program, each student must complete 8 hours of class time and 6 hours in car instruction. (The classroom is broken up into 2 Saturdays) Seasonal Weeknight (days may change). We are also now offering Thursday evening  class on the first 2 Thursday's of the month unless you can bring 5 or more students and give us a weeks notice.


Q: When do classes start?


A: Classes start at 7 AM to Noon on Saturdays and Weeknight from 4 PM to 8:30 PM. (Weeknight Seasonal day may change)

We need students to arrive 7 A.M to do the paperwork required by the state. Some additional classes can be arranged if you can bring at least 10 students at once - and all are registered and paid.


Q: What type of cars do you drive?


A: We drive either Chevrolet Cruise's or Dodge Dart's - these are newer cars and two different sizes to make it easier for the student to feel comfortable.


Q: Do you drive on the highway and in town?


A: Our lessons are structured so as to build on a skill-set and progress as the student improves. So we start in neighborhoods and parking lots, progress to city driving.  (If the student progresses and time allows during there 6 hours of driving, we may get to highway driving. Do to each persons skill set and pace - we cannot promise that they will be able to get to drive on the highway) - our first purposes is to make sure that at all times our students, instructors and cars are always safe.


Q: How many lessons of driving are there total?


A: If you purchase the full program you get 3 - two hour lessons.  If you purchase individual lessons they consist of two hours each and you can purchase as many as you like.


Q: We don’t have a valid permit, can you get one for us?


A: Yes, we can assist you in getting your permit, if you take the full certified program in Kansas and pass.

No: If you are a Missouri resident you have to take your own permit test at the DMV per State Law.


Q: What do I have to bring the first day of class?


A: You just need to show up for class and fill out the needed paperwork or go online at the home page and fill out the PDF form.

Kansas students are now required to bring a Birth Certificate, Passport, Visa, Green card or I-94. If the student has a permit already, we need you to bring that with you and if they wear contacts or glasses they must wear them (unless just for reading only). Students must be at class at 7:00 A.M for morning classes (See a list on the bottom of the Kansas form.)   Save time - Print out the PDF form and bring it to class, along with your documents. (On Home Page)




You can print out the Drivers Log for Teens -- Driver Log--

You can print out the State Drivers Ed Manual --Kansas - Missouri--


Q: Can a student attend different class times?


A: Yes – Example - If you are enrolled on one Saturday and needed to miss the next class, you would skip two classes and come later when that class is available. Just give us a call to let us know.


Q: What if I need to miss a class?


A: No problem. This happens all the time with the busy schedules we all have these days. You are always welcome to come to a different class day, or if you have to miss altogether, just make up that class in the next available session.


Q: What do I need to do to register for class?


A: Just call the office or email  and we will put your name on a class list. It's as easy as that! Per State Laws Proof of Citizenship or other approved documents if you are a Kansas resident taking the full program.

A: Missouri students may take the full program if they are at least 16 years of age and have a valid permit. They will also be required to come to our Kansas office, for both the classroom and driving lessons. They can take private lessons and those we pick up Missouri (this does not include the classroom portion.) The student is still required to be 16 years of age and have a valid permit. (Driving pick up for just driving may have restrictions)


Q: When is payment do?


A: Payment is do upon service. Once you have dropped the program for any reason, we do not give refunds,



Q: Do you administer the permit test in the classroom?


A: Kansas students take the test in the classroom and Missouri student are still required to take their test at the DMV.


Q: How does Behind-the-Wheel / in car Instruction work?


A: Once you get your permit,  if you want private driving lessons only, you would call us. If you are taking the full program and have completed your classroom portions, please call us as soon as you have completed the second class.


Q: I lost my permit. Do I need it for my driving lesson?


A: Yes. In both Kansas and Missouri it is against the law for us to take you out for a lesson without your permit. If you have lost your Kansas permit and have taken the full course, we can get you a replacement for a fee and not have to retake your test. Missouri residents will have to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Q: What are "private" behind-the-wheel lessons?


A: You will have individual lessons with the instructor, just 1 on 1.  We will offer insight and correct any bad habits that we see arising. You will receive an evaluation checklist on your last lesson. Upon request - except if you took the full program - then you will receive a pass of fail evaluation sheet. The lessons are 2 hour long instruction which gives us enough time to really teach driving in depth.


Q: What do I need to take my road test? We do not take students to the DMV to test.


A: If you reside in Kansas and take the full program you are not required to take the road test. If you reside in Missouri – you must go to take your test at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Missouri students that have had your permit for 6 months and are at least 16 years old, along with 40 hours of documented drive time and 10 of it at night. We cannot allow students to use our cars for their test at the DMV.


Q: Why should I choose Bi State Driving School? (Formally Sears Driving School)


A: Bi- State Driving School has provided quality drivers education in Kansas and Missouri for over 32 years. We recognize the most dangerous thing that adults and teens do every day is drive. As parents and instructors, our goal is to instill the driving skills and defensive techniques necessary for our children and students to be the safest drivers on the road. We look forward to being a part of this process with your child!


Q: Our Driving School Benefits Include:


- Convenient door-to-door service (We will not come to the actual door and student must be looking for us)---- home, work,                school for driving only. Classroom portion you must provide your own way to and from classroom. (Located in our Overland             Park, KS.66223.  Some students are office pick/drop only!


• - Programs to fit your needs --- Full Program or just Driving lessons


• - Driving test  --- Kansas residents taking full program it is not required, Missouri students or those taking just driving lessons

     are required to still take your test. We do not take students to the DMV to test.


• - All cars equipped with dual brakes



• - All cars are licensed and state certified

Students and Bi State are subject to the state laws of either Kansas or Missouri insurance laws for coverage during a lesson.

State laws in Kansas say that Kansas is a no fault state for accidents and while we have coverage some things may apply because of Kansas insurance and Missouri insurance laws on who may be responsible for things in case of an accident.




Maybe do Winter refresher courses for a small fee?????


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