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Summer is underway!

Now with Summer fully underway, with students out of school and all the vacation travel. We need to remember that we have new drivers and many distractions as we travel, with cell phones, drinking and driving, texting and road constructions. There are many distractions that can cause accidents or deaths, remember to put your cell phones away, have a designated driver, slow down in construction zones. These can all cause tickets or loss of license and possible jail time.

Bi- State Driving School teaches you how to avoid these issues and train our new students hat to do and how to avoid these issues. We want to produce safe and courteous drivers, of all ages and disabilities.

Bi-State Driving School believes everyone should have the opportunity to learn. Students can join with no experience to seasoned drivers needing a refresh. Several schools do not allow students that don't have 20 hours of experience or no permit. We feel you pay for us to help your student learn. The classroom is designed to teach what you will need before you even take your first drive. This is followed by the in car training, that continues from the class portion. We do let students and parents know that no one can learn to drive in 6 hours without practice.

The States of Kansas and Missouri have a mandated amount of logged drive time they require for young drivers. This is for the student and other drivers safety.

Have a Blessed Summer - Bi-State Driving School

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